A local cable TV offers a channel called “Water Channel.” It shows an aquarium with all the colorful fishes. It is very calming and relaxing to watch.  In Bonifacio Global City, visit the East Tower at One Serendra to relax by the koi pond.  I give this the hash tag: #uniquethingstoseeatBGC

The Koi fish is an ornamental variety of the carp. In the 16th century, carp farming in rice paddies was started in China.  The practice found its way to Japan where the breeding of the unique colored varieties started. There was even a time that the koi was almost exclusive in Japan.  It was only in the 1900s when koi breeding started outside of Japan.

The elegant and regal koi fish symbolize good fortune, success and prosperity.  The color pairings also have different meanings. For example: White with red spots symbolize career success; and if white with lipstick (red color around the mouth of the koi) it means love.

Watch my koi pond video here.

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Pictures and video clip by @cynchyap. Music by www.bensound.com