Welcome to BGC Condo blog. I am Cynch, a bonafide resident of Bonifacio Global City.  BGCCONDO.COM is a testament to the ever-growing development of this prime real estate area.
I am a licensed real estate broker with 25years of experience, specializing in this premier city of Taguig.  This blog is dedicated to life and living at BGC. I’ll share new places to eat, to hang-out and the best reasons for living in BGC.

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Living the chill life!

In my life I have faced two greatest fears… The first one is when I decided to pursue a solo career path after years in the corporate set-up. It wasn’t a walk in a park. I credit my family’s support some 25 or so years ago.

And summer of 2019, I took the plunge literally. The dive in Siquijor was out of sheer gung-ho to conquering one’s fears. After that I swore I will not do it again.

And comes this blog… It is not out of fear but out of desire to share Bonifacio Global City from my perspective.

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Good Deals on Prime Condos at BGC

The immediate basic needs in Life are food, clothing (fashion), shelter. BGC Condo will also feature education, healthcare and internet to give you a well-rounded quality of life view at Bonifacio Global City.

The dictionary defines LIVING as: liv·ing /ˈliviNG/
noun: living; plural noun: livings
1. an income sufficient to live on or the means of earning it.
2. the pursuit of a lifestyle of the specified type.
BGC Condo will present what makes living in Bonifacio Global City unique.